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Richard Schwoegler III a Pastor/founder of Surrender All To Jesus Ministries. He is a Christ follower and accepted Him in his heart in 1985. He is an Ambassador for Christ traveling throughout the United States and other nations training churches to revitalize their cities, towns and villages one person at a time. He was ordained as a Pastor in 2015 through Faith Builders Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
God gave Richard a strategic plan to spread Christ's love by our actions, healing people all over the world, furthering God's Kingdom and for all churches to work together as “One Body in Christ” furthering His revival!
In 1994 God birthed Surrender Ministries through Richard while he was a Police Officer in Brown Deer, Wisconsin. The ministry reached out to people who were addicted to drugs and alcohol. His position as a Police Officer connected him with a lot people with those addictions. When coming in contact with these people Richard would ask them if they wanted help and if they did, Richard and his partner Fred would mentor them through a recovery program at their church.   
In 2011 the Holy Spirit told Richard that Milwaukee needed a Dream Center. After hearing those words from Holy Spirit, he started on the journey of surrendering everything to Him. God downloaded a vision to Richard and he birthed two outreaches through Faith Builders Church called Faith Builders Community Teams and the After Dark Homeless Team.
In 2014, Richard was led by Holy Spirit to leave his position as a police officer to go into full time ministry. Richard served a total of 27 years in Law Enforcement, 22 of those years were with the Brown Deer Police Department. By making that decision, Richard stepped onto the water completely and relied on God for all of his financial needs. Richard states, “I became an Ambassador for Christ, furthering His Kingdom.” God then changed the name of Surrender Ministries and birthed the Surrender All Ministries.
God had given Richard a vision called the Community Healing Integrative Partnership (CHIP). It entails several key components such as a starting Adopt a Neighborhood Programs, integrative partnerships with all different kinds of faith based groups, churches, non-profits, and governmental agencies, and developing Chaplaincy Programs that will work with the local Police Departments. These groups meet on a consistent basis listening to what the local Police Department is saying about the needs of the city.  As a group they come up initiatives and plans to supply the needs of the communities, changing one person at a time, then families, then generations revitalizing our cities.
Since 2014 God has led Richard to train over 150 churches in the CHIP Program. Also in 2014 God gave Richard a vision for a Chaplaincy Program. Richard wrote that program and was led to give it to the Milwaukee Salvation Army. The Milwaukee Salvation Army Chaplaincy Program has been running strong since 2015. They minister to the Milwaukee Police Officers and the citizens of the City of Milwaukee.   
In the latter part of 2017 and into 2018 Richard experienced several life changing events and a huge transition. There were unbelievable joyful times and Richard walked through the hardest attacks of his life. Through this transition, Holy Spirit led Richard to be healed of childhood wounds and to completely surrender into a deeper intimate relationship with Christ.
Richard states, “I was worshiping at my church Faith Builders, kneeling on the ground and Holy Spirit fell on us! I heard  Holy Spirit say, “Just you and me this is where I wanted you to be!” Richard said, “it was as if I could feel the arms of Jesus wrapped around me.” This Holy Spirit moment lead to a revelation of many different things for Richard. It revealed to Richard the truth about his relationships with Jesus, others, and the beginning process of changing Richard’s DNA, intertwining it with Holy Spirit. Richard said that the healing that took place opened his heart to be able to receive love and to give love to others.
After this amazing encounter with Holy Spirit, He led Richard to change the name of the ministry to Surrender All To Jesus Ministries. This new revelation consists of first our relationship with Jesus. We need to have a deep intimate relationship with Him. The yearning for more of His presence and being in His presence will fill us up to the point of overflow and then we can go out and effectuate change around us. Everything stems from His presence and we bring Holy Spirit oozing Him out everywhere we go. We are atmosphere and people changers. The Kingdom mindset is that Holy Spirit is speaking to us all the time. He is searching for vessels to bring God’s Glory down. We need to know His voice, then take that risk and do what Holy Spirit is telling us to do. Then we will see signs, wonders, and miracles happen.   
Richard has a radio show called Surrender All to Jesus Radio Show. It airs every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30 pm on Joy 1340. Every Thursday at 2:30 pm you can watch the recording of the radio show live via Facebook live feed and ask questions. Or hear the radio show Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30 pm on the radio 1340 AM and 98.7 FM or stream it www.joy1340.com

To listen to the archived Surrender All To Jesus Ministries Radio Shows go to http://surrenderallministries.org/ or to 


Richard states, “We first must build our intimate relationship with Jesus. Then listen to Holy Spirit taking the risks He is telling us to take. We will be showing people Christ’s love by our actions, building relationships with people, identifying the root struggle areas in their lives and empowering them to change and solve those problems.”

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If you have questions, or you want to learn more about Surrender All To Jesus Ministries, the CHIP Program, or starting your own Adopt a Neighborhood Program, you can contact Richard by phone, email, or Facebook message.

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